Sigma Beauty Professional PREMIUM 15 Brush Kit Review

Review Of The Sigma Beauty Professional PREMIUM 15 Brush Kit

 Sigma Beauty Professional PREMIUM 15 Brush Kit   Sigma Beauty Professional PREMIUM 15 Brush Kit Review

Make up kits are of course a part of women’s fashion world and make up brushes are the main elements of the kit. Sigma has come up with beautiful brush kits, which includes different types of brushes for eye makeup, lip make up and face make up. These are available in different sizes.

Sigma Beauty professional Premium 15 brush kit includes 7 eye makeup brushes, 7 face makeup brushes and 1 lip makeup brushes. This kit is available at very low cost and has a good quality. The brushes are stylish and are durable. The brushes are available in different shapes like round, oval, flat, thin, broad, long, short, etc. These are easy to use and handy. You can carry this kit anywhere you go.


The Sigma Beauty Premium Professional Kit.
15 Professional makeup brushes.
This kit contains 15 unique brushes.
7 new face brushes.
7 new eyes brushes.
The first Sigma Beauty lip brush.
All brushes are stored in a signature Sigma Beauty brush roll, which is ideal to protect your Sigma Beauty brush collection.
Premium quality.
Everything you need to complete your makeup brush collection.
Even includes a stylish and durable brush roll.


* A complete set of makeup brushes
* Has a very professional look and feel to them
* Set has all the brushes you could ever need
* Has a nice carry pouch


* They are a bit expensive
* Most women would never use all the brushes included


This is a good option for teenagers and young women who are new to makeup brushes. These are available online on Amazon and you can order the kit online. Overall a very nice set of makeup brushes for the money.

 Sigma Beauty Professional PREMIUM 15 Brush Kit     

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