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Whole New You

Whole New You


From the star of the Cooking Channel’s Tia Mowry at Home comes a timely clean-eating cookbook that will change the way you think about what you eat and jump-start your journey to a healthier, more gorgeous you. When actress Tia Mowry landed her breakthrough role on the sitcom Sister, Sister , she swapped home-cooked meals for catering spreads. But her teen-dream diet of candies and carbs turned into a nightmare when she developed endometriosis, a painful disease that affects one in ten women worldwide. Two years and two surgeries later, some surprising advice from her doctor inspired Tia to radically change one of the most basic elements of her life: her diet. After ditching the dairy and the refined sugars and processed foods, Tia’s pain receded drastically. What’s more, her migraines stopped, her skin cleared up, and she was finally able to get pregnant. Drawing on the latest research on whole plant foods, inflammation, and gut flora, Whole New You chronicles Tia’s journey to wellness and provides all the resources you need to feel better, including a ten-day menu plan to begin your healthy life more than 100 delicious recipes lighter versions of your favorite comfort food recipes, including Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Crispy Collard Chips healthy recipes for your kids tips and tricks for eating on the go complementary approaches, such as acupuncture and yoga, for whole body healing Like a trusted friend, Tia recounts both her setbacks and her triumphsand shows you how to listen to what your body is telling you. With Whole New You, your healing begins now. Praise for Whole New You Simple and flavorful . . . Readers looking to jump-start a healthier diet will find this book encouraging and useful as both coach and guide. Booklist I’m on the go 24/7 and am always in search of healthy, easy meal options. This book delivers with maximum flavor every single time. Morris Chestnut, actor and author of The Cut No one ever said healthy meals can’t be prepared in delicious ways, and my friend Tia shows us that she is the one to make that happen! Chlo Grace Moretz, actress Tia [Mowry] understands that eating healthy is a lifestyle that can make your life more enriching. Healthy eating equals healthy mind, body, and mental prowess. Serena Williams Whole New You is a must-read for anyone who wants to eat better, live healthier, and learn something along the way. Tia’s recipes are so delicious and this book definitely had me going back for seconds! Naya Rivera, actress, mom, and author of Sorry Not Sorry Tia’s passion for creating a sustainable, happy, and healthy lifestyle is contagious. Whole New You empowers us to transform our health in a fun and easy way. Her personal story of transformation and recovery inspires us to get in the kitchen, enjoy the process of cooking, and start living radiantly well. Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga Tia Mowry has a wealth of knowledge that will change yo

The Life Insurance Handbook

The Life Insurance Handbook


Term life insurance. Whole life. Variable and Universal life insurance. The list of choices for insurance products continues to grow – along with the different uses and tax implications associated with each. Despite the dizzying pace of change in the industry, every financial professional must understand the different types of insurance available – and the considerations for purchasing them.——————————————————————————-Now – the Society of Financial Professionals teams up with tax and estate planning expert Lou Shuntich to bring you a practical new reference guide that is both compact and comprehensive. Concise and to-the-point, this handbook provides the latest industry information on:7 The legal aspects of acquiring and owning a policy7 The types of products and contracts available7 Simple criteria for evaluating and comparing policies and insurance companies7 The tax implications of each product type7 Structuring policies, ownership arrangements and beneficiaries for maximum tax and legal benefits – and tips for avoiding traps and pitfalls in the processWhile not an exhaustive account of the industry – it''s an excellent primer that covers the key concepts necessary when advising clients or analyzing portfolios and estates. And in keeping with the Society of Financial Professionals'' steadfast commitment to providing continuing education to the industry, The Life Insurance Handbook is the perfect learning tool for keeping busy financial professionals and their clients up-to-date.




How to get past whatever’s holding you back—and start living a whole new story We all have holes in our lives—those things we lament about ourselves. Those things we allow to define us in ways we don’t like. Those things that keep us from living the life God wants for us. But what if you discovered that the holes in your life are really the things that will ultimately make you . . . well, whole? Author and communicator Lisa Whittle knows this all too well. When her world was rocked to the core in a very public way, her faith and whole reason for living were challenged like never before. In that moment, Lisa was confronted by the holes in her spiritual life. And what she learned not only changed her life, but could bring great possibilities to yours. In Whole , Lisa calls you to take an honest look at your holes, discover how to fill them with God’s presence, and get to a real and vibrant place of wholeness instead. In her trademark bold, compassionate, and relatable voice, Lisa takes you on a transformational journey of understanding who you really are . . . and what you were born to be and do.

You Must Be This Happy To Enter

You Must Be This Happy To Enter


Whether breathlessly enthusiastic serenely calm, or really concentrating on their personal zombie issues, Crane''s happy cast explore the complexities behind personal satisfaction. You Must Be This Happy to Enter exists in a world very much like our own but infused with more joy and magic. It''s a place where the happy are jailed, the sincere cause confusion, and pop culture so seamlessly melds with real life that characters can walk right out of the television and come live with you.Crane''s third collection, aims to convey something fresh in literature: utter sincerity. With a trademark mix of hyperreality, humor, and heartfelt emotion, You Must Be This Happy to Enter asks readers to connect with the loopy ways of her characters. Because even though they''re occasionally severed from reality, they still seem to know something you don''t about keeping upbeat in a strange and crumbling environment.The opening story features a woman who can speak only in exclamations. Betty may be a zombie on a reality TV show, but she''s a woman willing to work on herself. Sally is just plain old freaking happy. (You shouldn''t even read this story.) Another woman gives birth to a baby who turns into Ethan Hawke, but by golly, she''s not going to let that stop her from being a good parent. What happens when a town turns transparent overnight? Do people run away just because they''re basically naked? No. What would you do if your perfect man was jailed for being happy? What would you do if you had words on your forehead? You''d use it to your advantage, that''s what! How does a couple manage their differences over bananas? They freak out, and then they laugh. Do you have a better idea?

Life Insurance for the American Family: Most of What You Know about Life Insurance Is Wrong

Life Insurance for the American Family: Most of What You Know about Life Insurance Is Wrong


Ed Kelly is on a mission to help American families. They are grossly underinsured with their current life insurance coverage, and something must be done about it, soon. In this book, Ed exposes the 10 myths that most consumers and their current advisors hold about life insurance. Once these myths are dispelled, then the mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, insurance agents and financial planners can all move on to address the truth about Time Diversification and Tax Diversification. This book is a call for Americans to take responsibility for themselves and the real risks we all face. While most people can think of only one reason to own life insurance (to provide money for a survivor), Ed shows there are actually 1000 reasons to own life insurance, from cradle to grave. Many of these are driven by the tax advantages inherent in a life insurance policy. His mission is to drive you to a better conversation and a better meeting with your financial professional. This book will help you see life insurance from a new philosophical and practical perspective.

Life Insurance for the American Family: Most of What You Know About Life Insurance is Wrong

Life Insurance for the American Family: Most of What You Know About Life Insurance is Wrong


Ed Kelly is on a mission to help American families. They are grossly underinsured with their current life insurance coverage, and something must be done about it, soon. In this book, Ed exposes the 10 myths that most consumers and their current advisors hold about life insurance. Once these myths are dispelled, then the mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, insurance agents and financial planners can all move on to address the truth about Time Diversification and Tax Diversification. This book is a call for Americans to take responsibility for themselves and the real risks we all face. While most people can think of only one reason to own life insurance (to provide money for a survivor), Ed shows there are actually 1000 reasons to own life insurance, from cradle to grave. Many of these are driven by the tax advantages inherent in a life insurance policy. His mission is to drive you to a better conversation and a better meeting with your financial professional. This book will help you see life insurance from a new philosophical and practical perspective.




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A Whole New You

A Whole New You


Inside Out Transformation You are who you are, but not for long. People may do all they can to change on the outside, but lasting, genuine change starts on the inside. The true miracle from God, the transformation He wants to make in you today, beckons. Follow pastor Tony Evans as he digs into Scripture to equip you with tools for accelerating this miracle in your life. The cycle of recurring mistakes can be broken as you let trials and temptations develop your character. And if becoming like Christ sounds too lofty or unrealistic for you, think again. Because the road to Christlikeness has only one requirement: a willing heart. You must desire the change and seek the transformation. Get ready; it’s time for a whole new you! You Can Be More You Can Be Different God has a guaranteed transformation in store for you. And it doesn’t require nonstop religious activity or willpower made of steel. All it takes is your willing heart. This book is not a step-by-step, do-it-yourself program, but an encouraging guide to how God will use everything in your life to bring about this radical inner changeif you’ll willingly let Him. Forget trying to grind out the Christian life. Learn instead about the extreme makeover God has in mind for you, and the wise and loving way He will make it happen. Life will never be the same when you’re a whole new you ! Story Behind the Book As a preacher, I talk with many Christians whose faith is based in I’What am I doing to make myself stronger in my faith?’ It’s my privilege to tell them that there really isn’t anything they can do to make their faith work better. That’s because God has done it all by sending His son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross. Our only part in this bargain is to allow God, through His Holy Spirit, to make us more and more like Jesus every day we live on this earth. He wants our lives to emulate that of Jesus Christ, who lived the only perfect life in human history. He wants us to be so connected to Jesus that people will look at us and see the resemblance. Tony Evans From the Hardcover edition.

Useful Articles About Whole Life Insurance Comprehensive Lifetime Protection You Must Read This

Why relationships are a bad investment

This letter is to educate men about the reality of what can be get when you marry a Western woman. An informed decision is less likely to be one you might regret later in marriage. The intention is not to discourage men to marry, but to encourage them to communicate frankly their concerns and expectations about marriage with their spouses. The second objective of this essay is to enlighten women with some of the reasons why a larger number of increasingly successful, the men eligible, unmarried, monogamous relationships rather differently in the long run, turn their backs on marriage.

paints society generally a negative stereotype of men who are hesitant to delay or choose not to marry.

And are classified as:

Womanizer) who can not participate in a long term relationship, or b) children selfish or irresponsible men who can not care themselves or another person.

No other explanation has ever explored.

The cost to proclaim his eternal love

In college, in professional sports, politics, the workplace, women have the same career opportunities educational and professional men. Contrary to popular belief feminist propaganda, women are actually paid the same wages as men, are willing to work for the same types of jobs than men, and working hours than men. Despite this reality, many women blend with very few assets, and often carry large amounts of debt. In general, men are those who save and invest. Do me believe it? Count the number of women of marriageable age you know who subscribe to magazines or newspapers for financial services. A significant number of 20-something and 30 women, rather than spending all their disposable income on luxury apartments, upscale restaurants, often exotic vacations, rental cars, care spa, and an excessive amount of clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Yet, ironically, in the media, men are portrayed as reckless prodigal, irresponsible.

When the marriage between the image, double standards and financial imbalances leave responsible men to take care and repair damage that may have made its finances. The men are forced to spend their hard-earned savings, or take a loan sharking, a diamond ring. Women justify this relatively recent, mid-20 century ritual, which was generated by a brainwashing campaign 1940-glossy mass launched by DeBeers, insisting that a man wants to buy a diamond and makes you proud to be able to proclaim their love and affection for her that way. Of course, there are men who may be willing to declare their commitment to all partners in this life way, but there are many men looking for an ongoing partnership and commitment who have no incentive to buy diamonds. Which option are these men? No! For many young men, the ring, attended the wedding and honeymoon in an exotic place in a five star hotel mine not allowed on the road to financial stability and independence of adults. To add insult to injury, is now locked in a life of excessive compensation for these jewels. Contrary to popular belief held diamonds are not rare at all, but are common and inexpensive. High price is due to its offer to be artificially manipulated. Some men are more concerned with achieving his dream of owning a home and become financially stable enough to start a family and responsible for their well-being. Men worry about these issues, because ultimately, it becomes your own responsibility.

Buying a diamond is an indicator of things to come. Immediately after purchase, the man may be rewarded requirements girlfriend to finance all or part of a lavish wedding, depending on the size of your bank account and the ambitions of his fiancée. The average cost of Weddings West now often exceeds that of a house payment or, in some parts of the world, the total cost of the house. If a man makes a marriage have saved a downpayment for the house of your dreams, can be suddenly snatched right under him. Many men may object to spend a large sum of money in what is essentially a very costly one day, at a party of four hours. They will also spend a year of planning his life, then you can use together to pursue a career or education. However, what a man really wants is not also concern at this stage of the proceedings. Their needs, desires, hopes and dreams are almost ignored in its entirety. His views on marriage are often not negotiable. A wedding is an event that is just for the bride and groom. Like many courses I remember joyfully Bridezilla, "Today is my day!". This gives you license to be selfish, irresponsible, demanding and a child. A man who refuses to spend all their life savings, or the assumption of debt five figures, for the ring, attended the wedding and honeymoon in an exotic location in a five star hotel and can be labeled as a selfish cheapskate or not a "real man". If a woman leaves a man trying to suggest keep costs under control, which would have the full support of all around her as she left.

"She can do better, "" Obviously, he did not like, "He does not deserve it," and similar sentiments are muttered in quiet circles, out of his ear. This is a sign of good self-esteem and healthy self-image, and a signal that does not settle for less. She is the daughter of poster the modern, independent woman.

Imagine if a man demanded equal treatment and asked him to buy a new fishing boat and a bear hunt in Siberia two weeks as a condition for marriage. This would be considered absurd, but women do every day. Western Modern marriage is supposed to be an equal partnership, right?

The injustices go from bad to worse when children enter the scene. If he can not afford to take the financial burden on family, women can now choose to stop working completely. They often make this decision independently of how you might feel about it. The day it stops working the day when all the luggage up unequivocally threw himself on his shoulders. If a woman has accumulated significant credit card debt, what are your payments to be made if the woman has not bother to repay student loans, they become your responsibility, if you need a huge sum in its note of luxury cars, is it to wear fruit. The irony is that we pay for the title and it is not even working anymore! Can you object? Can you say. "No Honey, who did his damage, and should not be my job to clean that they want children before I knew it, and you should have planned in advance. "No, he can not. Payments can be deferred until it is able to continue paying itself, unless you want to keep a clean credit rating to get a loan for your dream home. If he even suggested to return to work to pay part of their own debt load, open to criticism of being a bad husband and bad father who is endangering the welfare of their children. Now tighten the knot and responsible husband compensates last carefree and irresponsible mother, and slowly starts to pay its old debts. In the most twisted turn of events, However, the debt that bears fruit is often used credit cards to finance vacations, hotel rooms and shared Christmas gifts with previous husbands, boyfriends, friends and lovers. Caveat emptor! This is the reward for today's man who works hard, sacrifice, future plans, and invest wisely. To marry typical modern woman, Western man is certainly capable of being unfair in this situation because it is quite acceptable gender roles and social norms of today.

Marriage can mean slavery career

He who says: "Slavery is dead" has obviously not considered the situation of the average husband in the West, where a good salary may mean slavery career. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary English defines slavery as "… (T) the status of a person who is a good (an element of tangible personal or property) of another person. "If the husband earns enough to support both, it would be difficult to make an argument to preserve equality and must continue to work as not. If the woman decides to stop working, the man who left the financial stakes are very limited choice. Can be found working in a quarry you hate, for managing abuse and exploitation, for excessive periods in a position that is physically dangerous or demanding an organization that has no potential for growth, far from home. At this stage, given the angle that has been painted, it is often impossible to assign any significant positive change in their lives. It may have been hosting delusions that once his wife was able to return to work, it would be able to gain a little flexibility to correct some deficiencies in his own career. Maybe a career change or accept a lower wage in another company in exchange for better hours, a short trip or a more satisfying work. However, the reality is different to continue to assume financial responsibilities of his family alone. Your reward for working hard and get ahead is to become trapped in his career and become a workhorse of a specialist family emotionally and financially dependent. Do you really work hard and pay for itself and applies to their full potential?

If that fails, they will never work again.

There are many debates on the merits of a housewife facing a working mother. My goal here is simply to educate the Groom risk often becomes invisible when he agreed to receive 100% of the financial burden to allow his wife to stay home. An informed decision is less likely to be one you might regret later in marriage.

All parents will agree that staying at home with children is exhausting and often depressing work. Many new parents may recognize that it is much easier to work than stay home with several children. However, the greatest imbalance in efforts and contributions to a marriage can occur once every age children school. The house is empty 8:00 to 3:00 p.m.. The wife has 7 hours to as children are at school and the husband is at work. After years of hard work at home, many women may feel entitled to "relax" and take it easy. The good husband and support, however, worked in the same years, 50/50 did his household, and works so hard to support the family when children are in school. His workload has not decreased and may have increased their expectations rise. It is rarely the same option to reduce its efforts during the day.

What motivation is a modern woman must return to work? Very little. For several years, the man's salary was enough to live. Otherwise, it would have worked ends meet. Except tight finances dictate that she must return to work, the husband really has little to say on this issue. A woman can hide behind many different excuses for not working, although it has little to do 8:00 to 3:00 p.m.. Among the most common are:

"I am busy with household chores "is easy to exaggerate the daily housework. N How long does it take to throw clothes or dishes in the washer, and see? vacuum can be done in 1 hour per week. Shopping is one hour per week. A good food can be prepared in under an hour. Does this add up to 7 hours a day? The lie that housework is hard, takes time and is not bound as convincing as it may have been in the past because of an age to marry later, many men experience in the kitchen, cleaning and general maintenance and I know it does not take much effort and time. Humorous, not all-female household performs these same functions.

"I can not find a job" She stopped working too long and is therefore unable to find a job. This may be true, but many men do not consider this risk when they agree to support while "temporarily" stops working. Hopefully now they will, and can make a more informed decision. Many women can use it as a scapegoat convenient to stop looking for any work at all. The following section describes how this can be used against you in divorce.

"No need for my work," In the short term, the costs of returning to work such as gas, food, clothing and child care Can not interesting for her to return to work. This may be true, but does not justify his tennis, coffee and milk beverage to "catch up with friends, while her husband works away? Many couples may be too short-sighted and comprehensive in-depth with this issue. Initially, the cost-benefit can be ideal, but his return to work will improve their professional skills and network of contacts and, possibly, the investment return will improve. More than a walk in the local mall every afternoon and window shopping for new window treatments. Over time, that their careers on track, and is qualified for better jobs, her salary should also improve.

It should be duly noted that some working women view their wage as pocket money "and still waiting for the man to pay all or most accounts. Western women were heard to say "what's mine is mine and what's yours is ours."

Even more unfair than the wives of double standards for

If cheating cheats married man is the scum of the earth. It is a selfish idiot who threatened the unity of the family, do your "thinking with a small head and lack of respect for his wife and children. However, when the woman cheats, it is represented as the victim of an unfeeling husband and inattentive. "The poor, he ignores it. It is his power to boost his ego. He deserves it after having and raising their children." It good for their self-esteem. Worse, his disappointment is presented as the fault of man. If you work long hours to support herself and her children, works too. If you're tired at the end of the day of 13 hours, then welcomed as it wants. In this vacuum of expectations contradictory measures taken by the first man "Makes me feel like a real woman again …" You read that right. the man who has trouble paying the mortgage and the car is running two shifts to pay for consumer goods demanded is now considered a husband's neglect and psychological abuse. Man which can be two jobs would be at home with their children is now considered a candidate to domestic violence.

When a woman mistaken, the first thing people ask is what he did, or more often not, to his unit in the arms of another man.

When a man cheats, no one asks the same question.

When a woman wrong, the reaction will be: "Oh, my dear, I think her husband could not do the work in the "bedroom.

When a man cheats, no one stops to think, "Oh, poor man, his wife was horrible in bed."

Let us not forget what happens if a man would leave his wife for a younger woman. This will become fodder in the cafeteria for months. Automatically assume that it is a shallow sex maniac whose only motivation was to be with a younger woman. The possibility that his wife was of a generation of women who have learned to hate men and young women do not, she was lazy, careless or sink or verbally or physically abusive, or grossly overweight, or a mother unworthy, rarely considered and are often completely ignored. The myth is that the only reason why a man leaves his wife for a younger and more attractive. No. Whether it is a better match for him and more support, raising his companion.

Pre-PMB If a man insists a prenuptial agreement, he is selfish and unromantic. However, when the last time a woman called a prenuptial agreement that has been called "Romantic"? However, if a woman requests a marriage contract, which is financially responsible, reasonable and giving to herself. (Note: If your small friend refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement, which has just shown its hand. Better stop now.) Why is it a woman can refuse a marriage contract, and is accepted by society? In fact, the man should be outraged after it is a legal contract, and love.

What is amazing is the hypocrisy of the usual pre-reaction of PMB. Women can easily say that man is not romantic if it suggests a prenuptial agreement. After all, how can a man pollute true love with the signing of legal documents! However, what is a license Wedding? Nothing more than a legal contract signed between men, women and the state authorities and local government. A woman does not seem to be reluctant to sign legal documents, which entitles you to at least half of the accumulated assets of a man, and half of everything you win in the future, and is obliged to support in perpetuity in the event of a rupture. Why men are not allowed to observe this contract is not romantic? The distraction of bridal magazines, the choice of the establishment, flower arranging, wedding dresses, receptions, showers Wedding, honeymoon have clouded the legal reality of what men are getting into.

Marriage is both unromantic legal contract as a contract of marriage.

Initially, pre-PMB were designed as a way to protect women. nuptial agreements became popular in the 19th century, mostly to protect heiresses from marrying men which were "for their money." Until the Married Women's Property Act of 1848, according to English Common Law, headed by a woman, at marriage was usually transferred to her husband.

"Stupid, Irresponsible Man Man severely abused in our media, quite frankly. Just look at the ads or television sitcom and see how they portray men as idiots, imbeciles, or well-intentioned if clumsy buffoons. If women were depicted in ads in the same way, "the women's organizations "would have a crisis. If not for women in these programs and the ads of men lost livestock unable to feed themselves or perform even the simplest of tasks. Other ads make it appear that men act without thinking, that the response to an impulsive irrational, and the wife is the brains of the family. Even many women agree that women are often acting on emotions and decision-making based exclusively on the emotional attachment and not logic or reason. Almost every "couples budgeting" article will portray women as having children to control expenditure of man, when in fact, women often can not control their spending.

Loss employment if the husband loses his job and is having trouble finding work, the woman is completely and totally justified in threatening quit. But can you imagine the reaction if a husband threatened to leave a woman who was in the same situation? It would be shamed! If a man loses his job, the woman is justified to complain that the financial burden falls on it. No longer a "good provider." When a man has to want to this situation the same? If a man is fired and takes care of the family and children while the wife is working, can be accused of not derive its weight! However, this is exactly the same situation that women demand more recognition because with each passing year! No matter what the role of man lose!

The traditional roles is perfectly acceptable for a woman to demand a man take a salary, drive a certain car, live in a certain part of town, has a particular job, are ways "right" to speak a certain way, walk a certain way, behave a certain way, having graduated from the University of "right" and they dress elegantly, is considered "marriage material" and be able to give it the stability it feels it deserves. If a man pursuing his wife do the cooking and cleaning, you can now label and old men. If he asks to take their economic weight, as is the case, can be criticized as inadequate provider. If a man insists that his wife conjugal honor the contract requirements of marriage, which can and will be accused of sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape.

To make matters worse, some women been so fortunate that not only left their day job, they discover she is pregnant, but go out and hire as nannies many cooks, gardeners and pool boys and her husband can afford. Many western women stay home and hire someone to to children and cleaning while they drink lattes and go shopping all day with other pampered "stay at home. Is it useful to work hard and before and, if this is how your hard earned money is wasted?

The concept of the pampered wife is relatively new. Most Western civilization is mainly an agricultural economy, even for the years 1920 and 1930. Women of the West has contributed to the welfare of the family, help on the farm. A man needs a woman like an equal. It was not until the 1950s that the first generation of wives West primarily in the United States and later in Europe, Australia and New Zealand began to emerge as dead weight. Perhaps this coincides with the addition of the divorce rate in America, Europe and other English speaking countries and the emergence of feminism. Maybe men are tired of giving as much, for so little in return.


West 43% of marriages end in divorce and 70% to 93% of divorces are initiated by women.

All men should consult a legal professional before marrying, and understand the consequences of divorce, because the odds are 1 in 3, which participate in one if you want, I want to, initiate or none.

After the divorce, all assets accumulated during and prior to marriage are subject to division. He became, in a nutshell. License to steal. Even if the woman has not worked in years, and spent the following decade (s) and business lunch 8:00 to 3:00 p.m., is entitled to half or more of all human worked during the marriage. Is this fair? How many people would never accept an employment contract stipulating that in case of separation that some should revert to 50% of the gross amount of all in the pay packet? Nobody in their right mind would knowingly sign an agreement. However, men in Western unknowingly depending on the madness itself each time you sign your contract of marriage!

"Assets accumulated prior to marriage are exempt from a divorce. "In theory this is true, in practice it is not. If the funds in an account are commingled or combined, can become marital property. How to funds, mixed or mixed? If even the smallest amount of an account before the marriage is over, all this in mind will now be considered as marital property. Buy your child a lollipop for his own account, and a good lawyer will be half to his ex-wife when they divorced. If a woman moves ownership of the house of a man before marriage is not immune to divorce. As if hanging a sheet of wallpaper, made curtains, wall paintings, or install a light fixture, the house is now classified as joint marital property, and is now subject to the allocation equal. Even worse, the man can be ejected from the house if you make a false declaration of domestic violence to physical violence, verbal abuse or abuse of children. Where is the equality and fairness?

Please note: "Equal Division" is also somewhat misleading. Often you can get over 70% – 90% of assets, while the man is more debt! It receives all the benefits, it puts all the responsibility. This, of course, is just and good and it is his reward for working so hard over the years. He can afford it, not because it did not work.

If you spoil your wife, may be used against

Imagine that in the spirit of generosity and kindness that he gave a beggar a hot meal. An act of generosity, done. Now, imagine your reaction if the same beggar sues you. This is a request to the judge asking him to stick to deliver the food he gave voluntarily, freely, a big heart. The judge ordered to continue to feed the homeless meals, indefinitely, forever, because he is accustomed to eating the meal! This is categorically absurd, but what happens to men of the West to the court for divorce every day. Instead give thanks for paying your bills for all those years, what you get is the privilege of being legally obligated to pay the bills forever!

After having children, many women demand to quit working and stay home. Before the children came along many of these same Women may have been at the races he hated, working long hours, travel and long lasting. It is the generosity of the man and his devotion to his own career that allows him to walk on his own career. During the marriage, a man with a wife living at home may work long hours and exhausting support. It will pay the mortgage, property taxes, grocery bill, phone bill, Account Bill Cable internet and electricity bill. It also pays for your car, gas money, clothes and vacations.

As a final slap in the face, man can not be punished for working hard enough to allow his wife to have the luxury of staying home with children. As noted above, when children are in school, women can enjoy a life of leisure and relaxation to be given to its work force her man. In the case of divorce, the legal obligation of support for years or decades to come. Because she stopped working and led a life of leisure, the ex-husband is now responsible for support of his forever! History tends to be rewritten. Originally, a woman may have had a career she might have hated, and asked to leave. Western women often "play" at work and career A few years after college, and then when they approach 30 or get tired of the workplace looking for a man to "take him away from this "what" it "may be. In fact, his desire to leave the world of work may have been the motivation to have children first. But now, in their eyes, and permanent eye lawyers, who "gave" race man and his children. It is now a "must" all "loss of income." His gift of leisure and support she has twisted and is viewed as her sacrifice! Another way whose situation turns against him is that he characterizes as being threatened by her having her own career, and forced to abandon his "career-profit" and stay home with children. Your lawyer will now attempt to convince the judge that he wanted to "oppress" his wife " Keep it. "To tell the truth now, how many people you know personally who are upset by having a wife who makes a good life? Many of these misleading stereotypes still everywhere in our society, and are commonly used for women during a divorce. Following this does not work, if she watched the house or not, remains a financial liability.

Generous, caring men who spoil their wives should certainly think twice about how this generosity can later be used against you. The expression used by the divorce court is "She's used to a certain lifestyle." reward of a husband to take to lose his wife is now a requirement legal spoil their indefinitely, forever. Buy a luxury car today, and you may be forced to buy their cars succession after the leaves for another man! However, imagine a husband who used to eat a meal cooked at home, or regular conjugal visits. Now imagine that the courts require the ex-wife to continue cooking for him and share his bed with him and his new girlfriend each night, despite being divorced! Inconceivable, but the opposite is happening every day!

The ultimate insult, however, comes when the man loses half or more of the assets of his life, even when it was decided to quit. Yes, a woman can unilaterally decide to launch a man in his own house, and that the courts forced him to continue to pay the bills while she is sleeping with her new boyfriend the same house as her husband worked long and hard to buy! It can and often does, he spent his pension check on gifts for her new boyfriend or a lover! How does the legal system is compatible with a woman who feels entitled to that?

The risks are clear, but what exactly are the men out of wedlock? Often the reasons men get married are unfounded.

Many of the traditional grounds for a man marriage is a myth.

"I will not die alone" Wrong. The simple truth is that one spouse to die alone. Visit the hospital and go to the departments of a terminal illness or heart failure. Little people have the time to sit down with a bad report for all day and all night. Yes, you can get visitors, but do not have the same thoughts you. Thinking about your mortality, while you wonder what the food offered in the cafeteria of the hospital. Ultimately, even with a loving family and support, most of us leave this world alone, unless you both die simultaneously in some accident. Your spouse may die fifteen years before, or may be in the hospital during the past year. Ultimately, we all die alone. Married or not.

"I do not want to grow old alone" not necessarily. A marriage can self-destruct at any time. Your partner can file for divorce at the age of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 or 70. Many married people end in the same position (Only) as if it had never married at all. Now in his last year broke as a result of being stripped half or more of the assets of his life, losing half of their pension funds, and evaluation of maintenance. The experience of the devastation Economic divorce can often prevent a man from ever marrying again. This is an observation of several middle-aged women in the West. Q: "Where are the men?" A:. "He broke through the divorce settlement, alimony and child support" So. these women do not find marriable, and he grows old alone and poor.

Men are led to believe that not marrying implies only one destination: one solitary monk in a cave, a loner rejected. However, life is not so black and white. Do not get married does not mean it can not continue to date or have meaningful relationships throughout his life. There are many individuals in all age groups. A bad marriage can be more isolated institutions, because most of their outlet and the company focuses on a person who gives nothing in the excitement, affection and support. Young men between 20 and 30 should be more aware of alternatives that exist in life. They should be aware that marriage is an option, and is not the only way that life has to offer. An informed decision is less likely to be the one who is more pathetic.

"I 'll get regular sex "No modern Western women. Access to regular sex is the oldest and most common reason cited to marry. Many men now know that modern Western women often stop having sex after married a short time. There are plenty of "sexless" marriages. Talk to some married couples who are honest about their relationship. One or Both parties may want to stop the sex of children, or sex can be as rare as once a year or once every six months or woman can have sex whenever she wants the husband to buy something, take their place, or home remodeling. Read honest reviews Internet married men. Most men of the West married have sex with their wives in the West during the first six months of their marriage they will be in the next 40. Finally, it remains to be seen if sex with an exclusive partner of forty years or more is even a natural act, or simply an agreement by man. In many West Women no longer forced to have sex with her husband. You may be refused at any time and for any period of time. It may, if desired, to deny him sex forever and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact, he insists that honor of his late marriage contract by being available for sex, they can and are accused, charged and arrested for assault marital, sexual assault or rape.

Marriage is not a guarantee of regular sex, as many would have us believe.

"I'll have someone to cook and clean for me" Not necessarily. If a woman modern Western is perfectly justified to give up his work on behalf of staying home with children may also require the husband to pay for a cook, a housekeeper and nanny. This leaves the man to make money, and lets pay for household maintenance and children, while The women that come to play at being a homemaker. of today's woman is empowered by not performing the traditional roles housewife and mother, whether she is working or not. If a husband asks his wife perform traditional household duties because she does not often labeled sexist, violent or authoritarian, even if it's "traditional role" of paying all your bills, take care of her family, and act as repair of traditional male, lawn care and home.

"I must be married to have children, "No more. Their ovaries do not physically need a contract at the government center to be fertilized by sperm. Cro-Magnon man had children long before lawyers invented marriage contracts. Often, you must not be married health benefits to society. You do not need to be married to designate your partner on a life insurance policy. You do not need to marry in a house of their dreams together. It is ironic that responsible parents to raise a healthy family, but never actually sign documents marriage, have less respect than divorced parents or married parents who are ineffective, inattentive or incompetent.

-Have a life, the relationship of the faithful, committed has nothing to do with the "married" .- Have a beautiful dream home together has nothing to do with the "bride" Parenting .- healthy, happy and successful has nothing to do with the "married" .- The construction of a family life together has nothing to do with being "married" Growth .- used at the same time has nothing to do with the "bride".

In fact, the evolution recent cohabitation, partner and marriage law have proven that the only tangible consequence of marriage is to have a process for separating a formality that usually requires the talents of a lawyer.

You need to marry in order to get a game extravagant for four hours, and share the same surname.

You do not need to marry in order to associate the state and government in their romantic affairs.

You do not need to marry to give half of everything you own.

In addition, marriage does not make lawyers and social workers in their lives. These are people who would not otherwise have nothing to do with your life or your relationship.

Men need to stop and ask:

"Why exactly is going to marry? What exactly does marriage mean to me in the world today? What is the benefit to I get married? "

It is no longer a lifetime commitment, it can be reversed overnight in unilateral whim.

Marriage was originally created as a way for families to merge land ownership, political power and influence, perhaps people should go back to how do and nothing else. The rest is fake modern TV Fantasy and Tabloid Gossip and Hype pollute the impressionable minds of young people today, and a way to keep the industry chugging billion years of marriage. Perhaps the only criterion that must be asked: "How I feel very happy for us to combine our finances and property "When all the fluff and hype are boiled away, which may be the only reality remains. Go a day in divorce court, and you see exactly what is real and tangible and lasting marriage. You see women who signed the marriage contract under Romantic excuses now expert laymen attorneys who can cite case law. Bouquet throwing ex-brides now plagued by war for all that comes to them and much more! The rest are myths, lies, bold unsubstantiated promises, and "maybe." "For better or for worse …"

The divorce rate is 43% of the West. Is higher in some regions such as California, Great Britain and Australia. In Japan, the change Recent pension law may have a lot of pensioners in the street. In India, changes in the new law, which ensures that men who are threatened by their wives. Note the number of people who are in a bad marriage, but chose to stay, men who do not want to lose 50%, women know they can not be alone. Then think about how many couples stay together just for the sake of children. Among these "forced marriages" how many of these marriages are unfaithful, no sex, or sleep in separate beds or separate rooms. It is estimated that the percentage of happy marriages and monogamous less than 5%. Is it likely as you would in a business investment or a loan? Most risk aversion of the people I would not. However, they seek this exception to the rule every day in marriage.

Many, whose relations have failed, have used a target = "_blank">

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